Saturday, 23 August 2008

Rabbit, rabbit, bunny bunny bunny!

Dad has been fairly reticent about his stories of the past lately but he did, in passing mention the rabbit story. He did tell it me a long time ago so I am trying to remember the details but I think it goes like this:-

As a child, dad's family were living on the breadline. 5n fact according to him, if Charlie and he had not been scrumping in the farmers fields they would never had had fruit or veg and would probably have starved. To help out the family budget dad used to rear rabbits. When the rabbit was big enough for the stewing pot he would then raffle said bunny off to local neighbours. Even his mum would buy a ticket, rabbits made a tasty meal.

But its no good having a rabbit and someone else eating it, so having collected a fair old bit of money (dad told buyers the cash was going to charity, not mentioning which charity.) it was engineered that the rabbit was always won by Dad's mum!! And the charity? Well of course charity always begins at home!!!