Sunday, 9 March 2008

Stag nights!

Yesterday, with Laura's impending wedding and the search for a venue, the conversation turned finally to hen/stag do's and I asked Dad what he did for his.

"I went out with Stew and Roger, my mates from Strover Street (where he did his apprentiship)." Then he ammended because mum had intervened "We went in the car to Canterbury to collect the cake first, which we took round to your mum's, then we just went for a drink"

"Why didn't your brother's come?" I asked

"Well it was different times, Victor was away with the Merchant Navy and Charlie and John had different friends. So did Ray (his mate) so they didnt come. We went out every Friday for a drink - we enjoyed a drink."

So really it wasnt a stag do, just a normal Friday night - except they had to collect the cake first, taking Stewarts car all the way to Canterbury!

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