Sunday, 2 November 2008

Curry in the jungle!

Its been a while since dad told me any stories but when I mentioned today that the local Cricket Club had had a curry evening, dad soon started to reminess.

"When I was doing my service back in 1950's I was sent out to Singapore into the middle of the jungle in a disused pinapple factory - a place called Pandan. I was in charge of 20 in the electical workshop. Some of the workers were Chinese and some Malaysian, the Malaysian being lazy B**&*&s (ok not pc but then this was straight after WW2). Now being in the middle of nowhere we had to bring our own sandwiches into work as there was no way of getting food, so I was a bit surprised when one day one of the Malaysians said 'we are going to have curry today' 'How are you going to do that?' I asked 'Well if you give me a chit to go out, I will go to the village and get some' 'OK, I will sign you out if you do some work this afternoon because you didnt do any yesterday'

He agreed, and I signed his ticket. Off he went and came back with a large parcel wrapped in newspaper just like you get your fish and chips in. We all sat on the floor eating curry with our fingers, and it was the best curry I ever ate. He had got it from the village in the middle of the Malaysian Jungle, an Indian curry cooked by Chinese!

Of course he never did do any work as he complained of stomach ache so I sent him to fix the lights and check the engine of an ambulance at the back of the shed, and he spent the afternoon asleep in the back of it!"

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